1. Thank you for this post (and blog). I ran from MI to PA to IL when things got real bad – always expecting that dark cloud to stay in the last state. This blog is so relatable and courageous. You’re helping more people than you could ever imagine!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read and post and I went from Lansing, to Chicago to Philly, so I kind of know the feeling! Thank you so much and I hope your cloud is far away wherever you are now.

  2. Like most of your blogposts, which I diligently read one at a time, this one hit home. For two reasons,
    1- Just like you, I made a major geographical move last year
    2- Just like you, I do come from two cultures and unfortunately both aren’t exactly open about topics of mental health.
    Irony, I worked in mental health field, giving people advices not to take mental health issues lightly. Giving advices to relatives of my clients how to cope when a family member is having mental health issue. All the years, hiding from my closest people how I suffer ups and downs in mood. Something I know, is not a good sign.
    Your posts help me.
    Thanks for writing them.

    • Thank you so much for sharing and reading. I also worked in mental health as a clinical social worker (took time off) and know the feeling of directing clients on direction I need to take or examine myself. I appreciate you and your candor.

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